Step 6- Property Condition/Repairs

Once you select a property for purchase, it must be inspected by a qualified NACA-approved home and pest inspector(s) to determine the overall condition of the home you wish to buy. You must use a NACA approved home inspector. We here at Entourage Residential Group have done all the homework for you and know just the right company for the task at hand. Just as you must qualify for a mortgage payment you can afford, the property you want to purchase must undergo an inspection review process to determine the home’s condition in order to assess its suitability. Existing repair conditions such as code, safety, health, structural, mechanical systems and preventative maintenance needs often require correction in order for the home to qualify for purchase. NACA’s Home and Neighborhood Development (HAND) department works with you to assess property conditions and assist in addressing required repairs.

Clearing the HAND department can be tricky at times. It is no easy feat. For many reasons, it is recommended to pursue a property that is in overall great condition.(The newer/updated renovation the better) This will increase the chances of the entire back end of the NACA process being as smooth as possible. We understand everyone may not be in the position to do this.

Step 1- Initial Home Buyer Workshop

Step 2- Housing Counseling & Preparation

Step 3- NACA Qualification

Step 4- Housing Search/ Agent Representation

Step 5- Purchase & Sale Contract

Step 6- Property Condition/Repairs

Step 7- NACA Credit Access & Bank Application

Step 8- Mortgage Processing & Underwriting

Step 9- CONGRATULATIONS! Closing Day & KEYS!

Step 10- Post Purchase Membership Assistance Program