Step 1- Initial Home Buyer Workshop

You must attend a Home buyer Workshop. This is a free educational forum which is open to everyone prior to determining your status as a NACA Member. There are a number of workshops each month. Typically held every other Saturday from 10am-2pm. The Home buyer Workshop will provide you with an overview of the home buying process, real estate issues, and mortgage options. You will receive important information about becoming mortgage ready and NACA Qualified. Upon completion of the Home buyer Workshop you should access your NACA Web-file to schedule an appointment with a NACA Housing Counselor. To make an appointment follow the steps described in your Web-file: submit required documents, complete information, sign Membership and Authorization.

The two NACA offices located in the Maryland, Northern VA, and DC are:

NACA: Washington DC Office
7731 Alaska Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012
Phone: 202-328- 6333

NACA: Baltimore Office
306 W Franklin St Suite 4, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-783- 0465

Sign up for a NACA workshop by visiting HERE.

We are always seeking to work with highly motivated individuals seeking to navigate through the NACA Program. Send us an email once you have signed up for your Home Buyer Workshop. As a very strong advocate of the NACA Program, I consistency volunteer at NACA events local to DC, Maryland, and Virginia. I offer my audiences a candid peek into my own personal path to home ownership, and provide motivation and encouragement to inspire positive life changes and success. By developing relationships with NACA counselors, departments heads, and regional program managers over the last decade, my team has guided many clients through the program successfully over the last decade. To read my personal story through NACA, visit here.

Our experience with Mr. Kristopher Fraley deserves highest appreciation and five stars all around. We bought our house through a NACA loan and got one of the lowest mortgage payments imaginable with a 2% interest rate. Thanks to the knowledge and the relationships Kristopher and their  team has built over the years, our house buying experience with NACA was smooth and I don’t think it would have been smooth if it wasn’t for their team.

Mr. & Mrs. Silva – Full Review Here

Kris, from my entire family to you, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING BROTHER. From the bottom of my heart man, you gave my family HOPE when we were constantly moving from apt to basement to apt to rented home and on the brink of quitting multiple times. Now that we’re in this home and my mother’s dream came true, you lit a fire in me that makes me WANT SO MUCH MORE for my mother and the rest of my family. You’ve inspired me to never give up on any of my dreams. You’re an incredible soul my man. You will forever be family to us. WE LOVE YOU MAN. THANK YOU!

Ms. Goin & Her Son – Full Review Here

My family and I are extremely grateful for Kristopher Fraley. He was the perfect realtor to have on our team during our NACA process. If you are in the NACA program, look no further. Kris made it clear through his words and actions – consistently – that he was on our side and genuinely wanted the best for us. There was never any pressure from him to do anything, only support, 100% of the time.

The Murray Family – Full Review Here

Step 1- Initial Home Buyer Workshop

Step 2- Housing Counseling & Preparation

Step 3- NACA Qualification

Step 4- Housing Search/ Agent Representation

Step 5- Purchase & Sale Contract

Step 6- Property Condition/Repairs

Step 7- NACA Credit Access & Bank Application

Step 8- Mortgage Processing & Underwriting

Step 9- CONGRATULATIONS! Closing Day & KEYS!

Step 10- Post Purchase Membership Assistance Program