NACA Qualification Requirements

The NACA Mortgage is our answer to the huge sub-prime and predatory lending industry.

NACA has conclusively shown that when working people get the benefit of a prime rate loan, they can resolve their financial problems, make their mortgage payments and become prime borrowers. NACA’s track-record of helping home buyers with credit problems become homeowners debunks the myth that high rates and fees are necessary to compensate for their “credit risk.”

NACA’s mission is to make home ownership available on the best terms for Members who would otherwise be prevented from obtaining an affordable mortgage. NACA is open to everyone regardless of their income or where they want to live as long as they adhere to our eligibility requirements, policies, and procedures. The real estate and mortgage industries are filled with bad actors who contribute to the destabilization of our communities and the exploitation of working people. As an alternative to these predatory practices, NACA will work with you for as long as it takes to purchase a home, and we will support you for as long as you have your NACA Mortgage.

The NACA Qualification, which is required for a NACA Mortgage, is an extensive analysis of your finances to determine whether you are ready for home ownership and what monthly mortgage payment you can comfortably afford. Depending on your situation, this process can take one session, several months, or longer. NACA will work with you for as long as it takes to become NACA Qualified. Every person in your household that intends to be on the mortgage must participate in this process and must complete the NACA Qualification process. The requirements for the NACA program apply to each person on the mortgage and many requirements also apply to household members even the ones who do not intend to be on the mortgage.

The NACA program offers: No down payment required, no closing costs, no private mortgage insurance, no credit score check, below market interest rate, as low as 0.125% 30 years fixed. NO INVESTORS, Cannot currently own any property, Owner occupancy(must live in home), there is no income minimum, or maximum, no restricted purchasing areas, lender pays appraisal, and absolutely no bogus fees!

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NACA Program Guide