NACA Credit Access Denied?

Your NACA qualification does not equal you get a loan. It simply means you met the requirements at that point in time. Each individual house carries with it a unique seller and set of criteria that may or may not equal a loan approval for an otherwise qualified member. This is why a property specific letter is required for each house you seek to purchase.

With that said there are several reasons why your credit access could be denied. It’s best to put the reasons into categories like county paperwork employment and rent verification personal finances appraisal and inspection.

You should call/email your counselor, or the mortgage processing department and find out what they say. It may very well mean you have conditions and nothing serious at all. Often times you will need to resubmit paperwork for clarification for something rather minor.

Kristopher Fraley , Realtor

A few years ago a serendipitous event(purchasing a home through the NACA program with a 0% 30 year fixed interest rate) inspired me to become a licensed real estate agent in the DC, Maryland & Virginia area, and I love it! There is nothing greater than giving back and its a fantastic process that I feel lucky to participate in. With so many money hungry sharks preying on innocent people in the real estate industry, I feel honored when people trust my team to help them obtain the best terms on a mortgage possible. I can be reached by emailing