Mr. & Mrs. Silva Close in DC Office with a 2% 30 Year Fixed Interest Rate Through The NACA Program-(Review) Kristopher Fraley

Mr. & Mrs. Silva 07/09/2017
Bought a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $425K in Silver Spring, MD.
Primary point of contact: Kristopher Fraley

Kristopher Fraley

Kristopher Fraley
The Silva Families Review Of Realtor Kristopher Fraley

Our experience with Mr. Kristopher Fraley deserves highest appreciation and five stars all around. We bought our house through a NACA loan and got one of the lowest mortgage payments imaginable with a 2% interest rate. Thanks to the knowledge and the relationships Kristopher and their  team has built over the years, our house buying experience with NACA was smooth and I don’t think it would have been smooth if it wasn’t for their team.

Mr. & Mrs. Silva Signing Closing Documents, Kristopher Fraley
Mr. & Mrs. Silva Signing Closing Documents

We heard many good things about NACA but we were a bit skeptical because it sounded too good to be true. My wife and I having excellent credit ratings and enough savings to get a conventional loan, we had to contemplate the pros and cons. After talking to Kristopher and crunching some numbers, it was no brainer that a NACA loan with zero closing costs and down payment with the ability to buy down the interest rate was the best option. Kristopher provided us with the necessary guidance to get pre-approved in a month. Then we were off to house hunting.

If you want a realtor with patience and determination that will listen to you and help you find the dream home, then look no further, Kristopher will make it happen. We wanted to buy the best home we could afford within minutes from my work in downtown Silver Spring. We were not sure of many things when it came to the house so Kristopher was very patient in understanding what we truly valued. Then one day, there was a house, an ideal listing, a thoroughly renovated single family home that was $15k more than what we could afford through NACA. We had little hope but Kristopher believed in us being able to buy this home. Kristopher spoke with the selling realtor to explain our situation, we submitted our best offer that was $15k less than the asking price, and the seller accepted.

Mr. & Mrs. Silva & Kristopher Fraley At Settlement
Mr. & Mrs. Silva & Kristopher Fraley At Settlement

It is not easy to close on a home with NACA due to their strict requirements and steps, which we have to go through. In addition, we had one of the toughest sellers that put incredible amount of pressure on Kristopher. However, Kristopher and his team was cool and calm and we were able to get everything done and close on our dream home.

If you are reading this, then the best advice I can give is Kristopher & Credric’s team got your back. This will be the easiest decision you will make in choosing a real estate agent. I know I will be buying and selling more homes in the future and I know I have one of the best in the industry that got my best interest at heart!

Mr. & Mrs. Silva & Kristopher Fraley At Settlement, Kristopher Fraley
Mr. & Mrs. Silva & Kristopher Fraley At Settlement

Mr. & Mrs. Silva & their NACA realtor Kristopher Fraley closing at the DC NACA office. Their purchase price is $410,595 with a 2% 30 year FIXED interest rate. Their total monthly payment is $1,900 including property taxes & insurance. Mr. & Mrs. Silva paid NO CLOSING COSTS, NO PMI, NO BOGUS FEES WHAT-SO-EVER. Mr. & Mrs. Silva are what we like to call a “NACA warriors”. The immense amount of perseverance & patience they displayed paid off in the long run. The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) is a non-profit organization. NACA’s primary goal is to build strong, healthy neighborhoods in urban and rural areas nationwide through affordable ownership.

Our NACA team leader (Kristopher Fraley) knows first hand what it takes to close on a NACA mortgage with an incredibly low interest rate, as he himself is a NACA home owner(0.0625% fixed rate). You may often see him posting on the NACA forums among many places across the internet. THE NACA PROGRAM IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Navigating through the program is far different than a conventional mortgage one can obtain down the street. It requires patience. Conventional real estate spend MILLIONS a year on advertising just to charge you FEES! NACA = $0 advertising, NO FEES! Don’t be fooled. Those who conquer the NACA program end up with unbeatable mortgage terms throughout the nation!

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We specialize in the DC-District Of Columbia/MD-Maryland/VA-Virginia metropolitan area. We are experts on the NACA program. By developing relationships with NACA counselors, departments heads, and regional program managers over the last decade we’ve helped guided many buyers through the program successfully.


Kristopher Fraley , Realtor

A few years ago a serendipitous event(purchasing a home through the NACA program with a 0% 30 year fixed interest rate) inspired me to become a licensed real estate agent in the DC, Maryland & Virginia area, and I love it! There is nothing greater than giving back and its a fantastic process that I feel lucky to participate in. With so many money hungry sharks preying on innocent people in the real estate industry, I feel honored when people trust my team to help them obtain the best terms on a mortgage possible. I can be reached by emailing